Class Descriptions

∴ FitClub:Yoga ∴

A dynamic, physically and spiritually energizing class, hones and tones every muscle in the body. Linking one movement into the next using breath. Class style will vary depending upon the instructor.


∴ FitClub:Sculpt ∴

A lower impact, low to moderate intensity class that will still give you a great workout. Sculpt is a combination of ab and core work and lightly weighted exercises all done from your own yoga mat. Exercises are specifically designed to target and tone common problem areas – stomach, upper arms, thighs and booty!


∴ FitClub:Bootcamp ∴

Our original Bootcamp class is a high intensity class using a variation of weightlifting, gymnastics and cardio. We use dumbbells, kettlebells, ropes, medicine balls and body weight to keep the workouts functional and constantly varied. The variation means your body never adapts to one type of exercises and causes it to constantly burn fat, build muscle and adapt to whatever kind of challenge is thrown at you!