Who are we?

FitClub Training LA is a boutique Corporate Wellness provider. Our aim is to provide companies with a ‘one stop shop’ corporate wellness program that benefits both the employer and their employees. We believe that healthy employees are happy employees and strive to spread the word of wellness to everyone we can!

What do we do?

We provide a full service Corporate Wellness program for your company. This includes three main components:

1) Full Schedule of Fitness classes at your workplace. We currently offer

FitClub: BOOTCAMP – a high intensity CrossFit style class that combines cardio and strength training.
FitClub: SCULPT – a low impact but still challenging hybrid of Pilates and weight training, all done from a Yoga Mat.
FitClub: YOGA – an easy yoga flow for beginner to intermediate yogi’s that relieves stress and focuses on core strength and flexibility.

2) Body Composition Testing and Analysis

3) Nutrition Counseling

How could it benefit your company?

There are SO many benefits to offering a wellness program to your employees. Some of these being:

– Reduces employee stress
– Reduces number of employee sick days
– Promotes community building
– Increases job satisfaction
– Increases employee retention
– Lowers healthcare costs

How does it work?

We typically start by implementing a 12 Week Fitness Challenge trial program in your workplace for employees to try us out. This will include:

– Before and after body composition analysis
– 3 fitness classes per week
– Basic meal plan template

Employees will pay a fee for the program directly to us, similar to a gym membership. We handle all of the admin and billing.

From you, the company, all we need is a space and some help promoting the program!

(Please note: We do have flexible options if the company wants to provide the program as a free benefit for employees, or desires a different structure to our typical one)

What makes us different?

We are a small, owner-operated company that genuinely cares about the people we coach. Every coach knows every members name, and makes real connections that often lead to friendships outside of class.
On top of that, our classes really work! We have had 100s of members lose inches, improve their strength and fitness, and generally improve their quality of life by being healthier and more active.

See what our current members have to say about us HERE!

How do I make this happen?

To get started CLICK HERE and we will be in touch soon.