Sculpt WODs wc 12 Aug

Thursday 15 Aug

TABATA: Push ups / Squat hold

Complete the below circuit 40 / 20
1. DB chest fly to skull crusher
2. Curtsy lunges w/ 1 pulse
3. DB curl to Arnold press with slow tempo
4. Heel elevated squat pulses (keep tension, don’t fully extend)

TABATA: Plank toe taps | Side plank

Tuesday 13th Aug

Complete the below circuit 40/20

1. DB lunge & rotate towards front leg (Hold DB, extend arms in lunge, rotate, bring arms back to centre, to chest, step back from lunge)
2. DB military press
3. Bird dog / quadruped
4. Single leg hip bridge on foam roller (alternating)
5. Banded triceps / DB triceps

Buy out: 30 second isometric bicep hold into 30 hammer curls

Monday 12th August

Repeat the below circuit 4 times | 60sec at each station :
1. Alt curtsy lunge to regular reverse lunge (DB in goblet position)
2. Bent over row to reverse fly
3. Push ups (be sure to use YOUR modification)
4. Plank toe taps (arms/elbows on foam roller)
5. Hip bridge or hip bridge on roller

Finish up before stretching as quick as possible:
50 banded hip bridge (no tempo) + 40 scissor kicks w/band at ankles

STRETCH at 5:15pm

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