Sculpt WODs wc 29 July

Flex Friday Aug 2nd

Complete the below supersets for quality:

Banded monster walks
Stiff leg deadlift

Push ups
Upright row

Calf raises (on stage)
Reverse lunge

Banded Bicep curls
Banded triceps

30sec of each of the below
Bicycle shoulders only
Bicycle legs only
Heel taps
Plank toe taps

Thursday 1 Aug

Complete the below circuit 40/20
1. Standing DB bent over reverse fly
2. Alt step ups
3. Front & side raise
4. Wall sit
5. DB crunches

Buy out: Side plank (each side) | 30 banded hip bridge

Tuesday 30th July

Complete the below rounds for quality in 12mins:
1. 15x single arm DB press
2. 15x chest fly
3. 15x seated banded row

Then complete the below circuit 40/20:
1. Plank toe taps
2. Bicycle crunch
3. Hip bridge
4. Alt reverse lunge

Buy out if time: Wall sit & 30 banded pull aparts

Monday 29th July

Complete the below circuit 40/20:
1. Stiff leg deadlift
2. Heels elevated squats
3. Leg raises

Complete the below circuit 30/30:
1. Bicep Curls
2. Side raises
3. Plank

TABATA: Bicycle abs / heel taps

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