Scupt WODs wc 22 July


1. Tricep push ups
2. Alt heavy hammer curls
3. Weighted sit ups
4. Banded front & side raise
5. Step up to balance into reverse lunge
6. Leg raises / scissor kicks / flutter kicks

Thursday 25 July

Complete the below for quality – in 12mins
1. 10x Bent over row w/1 sec pause at top (both sides)
2. 15x Bench press w/legs in table top
3. Side plank 30sec per side w/DB hold

Then complete the below circuit:
1. Alt reverse lunge
2. Alt hammer bicep curls
3. Heels elevated full squat
4. Bicycle crunches, slow and steady

Buy out if there is time: 50 russian twists

Tuesday 23 July

Complete the below 40/20
1. Heavy DB hip thrust w/shoulders on med ball or stage
2. Abs over & around DB
3. Seated banded row
4. Alt single leg squat (to stage)
5. Plank knee to elbow

Buy out: 20 banded pull aparts, 20 bicycle shoulders, 20 bicycle legs, 20 frog pumps

Monday 22 July

TABATA: Push ups / Squat hold

Complete the below circuit 40 / 20
1. DB chest fly to skull crusher
2. Curtsy lunges w/ 1 pulse
3. DB curl to press with slow tempo
4. Heel elevated squat pulses (keep tension, don’t fully extend)

TABATA: Plank toe taps | Side plank

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