Sculpt WODS wc 15th July

Friday 19th July 2019

Half kneeling wood chop
DB curl w/rotation
DB front to side raise

Heels elevated 1/2 squat
DB or Banded hamstring curls
Banded bicycle legs

Wall sit w/ Y raise
Banded kick backs
1-2 punch

Experiment: Transverse ABS exercise * medicine ball abs

Thursday 18th July

Complete the below rounds for quality:

1. Heavy KB calf raises on stage
2. Heavy KB single arm bent over rows on stage)
3. Heavy KB bench press (side to side)
4. Heavy KB upright row (high pull)

Then complete the below AB circuit:

1. Bicycle legs only
2. Bicycle arms only
3. Heel touches
4. Crunches
5. Side plank
6. Side plank

Tuesday 16th July

Complete the below circuit 4 times 40/20

1. Weighted squats
2. Push ups
3. Weighted crunches
4. Weighted hip bridge w/shoulders on med ball
5. Russian twists

Buy out if there is time: Wall sit w/bicep curls (you decide QTY)

Monday 15th July
Complete the below 4 x rounds for quality in 16mins

1. 12x Single Arm BB shoulder press
2. 12x underhand body weight row (using 2x boxes – set up BB across and row from floor chest to bar)
3. Dip practice (between boxes)
4. Knee raise static hold on boxes

Then complete the below TABATA abs cicuit

1. Hollow hold
2. Heel taps
3. Right elbow to left knee bicycle only
4. Left elbow to right knee bicycle only

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