Sculpt WOD’s WC 17 June

Thursday 20th June

Complete the below rounds for quality
12 x Heavy DB hip thrust
45sec Quadruped opposite hand to opposite leg raise (bird dog)
12 x DB lying leg curl
20 x seated banded row (hook bands under feet)

Then complete the below 40 / 20

1. Knee push ups
2. DB side raise to front raise
3. Shoulder only bicycle crunch / legs only bicycle crunch
4. DB pull over (arms straight from overhead to hips)

Tuesday 18th June

4 Rounds for quality in 15 mins (ish)

20 x seated abductions w/bands (lean forward, lean back, 90deg, 10 per side)
12 x DB side lunges per side (use stage if needed)
20 x calf raises per side (hold weight on the same side)
20 sec hold @ bottom of push up

Then three rounds of the below circuit 40/20

1. Plank
2. Wall sit
3. Hollow hold
4. Tricep dips on stage

Monday 17th June

Complete the below circuit 40/20 x 4 times

1. Bent over row tempo 3/0/3
2. Bent over row (other side)
3. Alternating V ups
4. Forward lunge w/ balance (push off front leg and hold, reset, repeat)
5. Forward lunge w/ balance
6. Side plank / side plank / shoulder taps / toe taps

Buy out: 50 hip bridge on foam roller & 50 in out abs on foam roller

STRETCH at 5:15pm

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