Sculpt WODs w/c 10 June 2019

Thursday 13th June

Four rounds for quality (12min time cap)
10x DB step ups each leg (keep foot on stage, controlled dismount)
10x plyometric step up to balance (each leg, 3sec hold on landing)
20x alternating hammer curls
10 second isometric DB hold (keep wrists straight)

B. EMOM x 15:
– 12 No Arm Sit Ups
– 12 Skull Crushers
– 12 Marching Hip Bridge

STRETCH at 5:15pm

Tuesday 11th June 2019

Four rounds for quality (time cap 12mins max)
12 x Bench press
12 x chest fly to skull crusher
20sec push up hold (bottom of the push up, 1inch from floor)
60 sec wall sit (focus on breathing – 7sec inhale 7sec exhale etc)

Then complete the below circuit 40/20 x 3:

1. Banded side to side walk
2. Banded front raise to banded side raise
3. Banded donkey kick pulse
4. Banded donkey kick pulse (other side)
5. Banded pull apart
6. Banded seated row

STRETCH at 5:15pm

Monday 10th June 2019

Repeat the below circuit 4 times | 60sec at each station :
1. Alt curtsy lunge to regular reverse lunge (DB in goblet position)
2. Bent over row to reverse fly
3. Push ups (be sure to use YOUR modification)
4. Plank toe taps (arms/elbows on foam roller)
5. Hip bridge or hip bridge on roller

Finish up before stretching as quick as possible:
50 banded hip bridge (no tempo) + 40 scissor kicks w/band at ankles

STRETCH at 5:15pm

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