Sculpt WOD DB 10.19.17 (DB)

In TEN mins compete 3 rounds of the below:

5-8 of your best quality controlled pushups
8x DB single arm bench press (opposite arm holds DB in front)
8x Lying DB pull over (knees up to engage pecs / chest)

Then complete the below TABATA rounds:

  1. Left hip bridge to knee raise  ||  Right hip bridge to knee raise
  2. DB around the worlds  ||  Reverse lunge to high knee (alt left & right per round)
  3.  Sumo Squat Pulse  ||  Plank knee to elbow
  4. Weighted crunches  ||  Lying bicep curl (1rnd hammer, 1rnd palm up)
  5.   Donkey kick (alt sides per rnd)  ||  Fire hydrant (alt sides per rnd)

Thank you!

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