Sculpt WOD 9.12.17

In TEN mins complete THREE sets of the below exercises.  Rest as needed:

  1. 8x DB Bench Press
  2. 8x DB fly
  3. Waiters Walk w/DB (20sec per side)
  4. 45sec plank

Then, complete the below 30 second rounds FOUR times:

  1. Resistance band pull apart (palm UP)
  2. DB high pull
  3. DB around the world (palms forward)
  4. REST
  5. Plank jack tuck jump
  6. Leg raise pulse
  7. Sit up w/DB OH or Russian Twist or Side Plank w/DB or Bicycles
  8. REST

Buy out for today is to complete 2x laps of the courtyard with your heavy set of DBs.


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