DB WOD (Sculpt) 7.18.17

Equipment Needed: Light or Moderate DB’s, Foam Roller

Complete this WOD circuit style || 50sec per station 20seconds rest between.
No other rest.

1) Bulgarian Split Squat (25sec per leg)
2) DB Side Raise Hold & 5 raises per arm, then both arms together for remaining
3) DB single leg RDL (25sec per leg)
4) On back, DB raise to DB fly
5) Plank using elbows on foam roller, toe taps to the side
6) On back, pass Foam Roller from legs to arms

Buy Out: Wall sit while passing a DB between each person.
While completing this, say your name, where you were born and how long you have been in LA. Try to get through everyone without stopping 🙂

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